What is the Better Body Challenge and why should you participate?

Feel stronger, fitter, and get healthier with The Better Body Challenge. This 8-week program provides helpful nutrition tips and weekly workouts to achieve your fitness goals. You have 2 options: (1) be your own coach in a self-directed program (2) or get led by a coach and take it to the next level with teamTRAINING sessions led by our personal trainers (more details below). The kickoff party is Wednesday, April 26th!

How many winners will there be and what is the prize?

  • 1 winner per club, $1000 cash prize
  • If there is a tie the top winners will split the prize money

How do you win?

The participant with the greatest percentage of body fat lost will win. All participants must complete an initial and final InBody appointment with one of our team members in order to be eligible to win in the dates outlined below.

The initial and final Inbody must be completed in the date ranges outlined below in order to qualify for the prize.

  • When can I complete my initial InBody appointment: Monday, April 17th through Sunday, May 7th
  • When do I complete my final InBody: Monday, June 19th through Sunday, June 25th

What is the InBody and how do I schedule my appointment?

Have you ever had your body composition measured before? The InBody technology can provide an overview of your health and fitness by monitoring your body fat and muscle development. With this tool, regular exercise and good nutrition, you will be able to:

  • Measure your progress
  • See your body fat decrease
  • See lean muscle mass changes
  • Identify muscular imbalances between each arm and leg

The assessment is simple, painless and takes less than one minute to complete! This appointment should be scheduled through your club’s Fitness Director

Who can participate:

Members and guests. Have a friend who is interested in participating? Contact your club’s Membership Manager.

Why should you attend the kick off party?

The Kick off party is Wednesday, April 26th and is the launch event for this program. This is where participants will receive their gift bag which include their official Better Body Challenge handbook, tank and other fun swag. Participants will also have the opportunity to have their before picture taken with their goal (article of clothing, photo of family, race bib number etc). We will also be offering a complimentary teamTRAINING workout, followed by details about the challenge and refreshments.  It will be a really fun event!

What are my Better Body Challenge participation options and how do I enroll?

  • Be Your Own Coach ($20) – Great option if you’re already motivated to work out and are looking to dial up your intensity and nutrition.
  • Trainer Guided ($299) – Take it to the next level with teamTRAINING! Your teammates and trainer will keep you accountable and work with you to achieve your specific goals and ensure results.  Enroll in 16 teamTRAINING sessions, discounted 10% off normal rates.

Quick date reference:

  • When does enrollment start/end: April 10th-April 31st
  • When can I complete my initial InBody appointment: Monday, April 17th (book your InBody before the kick-off party to avoid the crowds) through Sunday, May 7th
  • Kick-off party: Wednesday, April 26th
  • teamTRAINING: Week of May 1st – Week of June 19th, 2017
  • When do I complete my final InBody: Monday, June 19th through Sunday, June 25th
  • Final party! Week of June 27th, 2017- final date and location TBD